When Lewis and Clark reached the area in 1804, it had already been the hub of a vast trade region for thousands of years. The largest shopping center in North America used to be at Stanton, ND.

​As new interest pushed their way up-river, the landscape and its people would experience many changes. The railroad replaced all of the steamboat traffic in the early 20th century.

By mid-century, bridges replaced ferry boats, and the electrical and mining industry took their seat beside agriculture. Stanton "died" several times, only to be resuscitated to serve a new purpose. Stanton is the county seat of Mercer County and home of Sakakawea.

Today, community of Stanton is located along the Lewis and Clark trail, just off State Highway 200A. 

​With a population of 360, citizens enjoy a well-maintained, small-town atmosphere with reasonable taxes. Residents and businesses own their electrical utility, and enjoy very low rates.

Commercial and residential properties are available at very reasonable prices.

As the county seat, the Mercer County Law Enforcement Center, Social Services office, and courthouse are all located here. The courthouse hosts a private artifact collection and has visible archaeology on its grounds along with the Mercer County Veterans Memorial.

Gas, food and lodging services are available. Camper hookups can be found in three different locations.

Join the local residents in August for their Two Rivers Festival, Street Dance and Feast.
Fire Department Fish Fry - First Monday in October.
OSLC Bazaar - Last Saturday in September.
OSLC Turkey Dinner - First Sunday in November.
Holiday Fair - First Saturday in December